No Live Webcast Today

I am traveling and therefore unable to host the live show this week. I’ll return at the regularly scheduled time one week from today. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. If you haven’t already, I recommend either listening to last week’s podcast (here), or checking out my interviews with the Ayn Rand Center’s Yaron Brook (here) and Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer (here).

Later today I plan to write a blog post discussing the so-called “name game” regarding Islam. With respect to the current (unfortunately undeclared by us) war, do we refer to the enemy’s ideology as “Islam”? Or do we use a modified terms such as “Islamism,” “Militant Islam” or “Islamic Totalitarianism,” etc., etc.  This weekend I had the pleasure of speaking with Robert Spencer and Bosch Fawstin about it for a few hours, as well as attending a panel discussion devoted to the issue, and I’m looking forward to writing up my perspective and reading your comments.

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One response to “No Live Webcast Today

  1. Zuriyah

    I would like these two topics to be discussed by you and your guest(s).

    1)Why is America, or the West in General unable to adress foreign threats, namely ideologies and beliefsystems not developed within the Western World.

    2) It seems people are starting to see protest as a hobby of some sorts. No one needs to know what the protest is exactly about, or who is actually organizing it. I think this is unique in modern Western history. Revolution has become a necessity in itself regardless of the matter, and anyone opposed to this is a mark for ad hominum attacks.

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