Q & A On Privacy and Social Media

I did a short Q & A on privacy and social media for the Summer 2011 issue of Chapman Magazine. You can find it here, just click on the issue with “A Roaring 20” on the cover, and use the online reader to flip to page 10. Enjoy!

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One response to “Q & A On Privacy and Social Media

  1. Thanks…it is very difficult to read, however, since I can’t figure out how to enlarge the page without significant pixelation. But I think you made some good points that privacy has much to do with contracts and what you have agreed to in the privacy you can have with any particular person / company. I know I value my privacy so I am careful what I write on FaceBook and other social media. As far as letting only my friends see things to get to know me, I am also careful what I put on my profile, so that doesn’t bother me that FB wants to open it up to everyone. I normally make my FaceBook Notes available to anyone (not just my friends). What I do if I want more privacy is to send an email or a message to my FB friends. As far as I know that is only available to the two of us in that context.

    I did make the mistake one time of letting myself open to all sorts of intrusions (including having my computer broken into), and that nearly drove me crazy as some people were reading everything I wrote and said and was yelling at me in the streets and sending me weird cryptic emails regarding what I was writing. So I agree with Ayn Rand that in civilization, one seeks privacy and not primitive savage tribal busybodies everywhere. Protect your privacy as much as you can.

    Certainly, the government has no right, business, or authority to track your every move and everything you say privately or publicly. As they try to intrude onto the internet and regulate private exchanges, we need to be on guard against that.

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