Don’t Let It Go…Unheard #25

Obama reacts to credit rating downgrade…by giving speeches arguing for more spending. The British Government’s response to the riots in the U.K. The GOP debate in Iowa: Some thoughts on the candidates’ performances and positions.

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  1. M.Stern

    Regarding inner city violence in America, Google up black flash mobs or “mahogany mobs”. Drudge has linked to the phenomenon of black mobs attacking white people in waves across the country (and the Left has accused him of racism of course). The most recent one was in Milwaukee where black mobs actually pulled white people out of their cars, threw them to the ground and beat them savagely. These black mobs did not pull black people out of their cars so there is definitely a racist component to these attacks. White people are being attacked because they are white. Such is the nature of the underclass we have created.

    In London the looters are rioters were roughly 60 to 80 % black although keep in mind that blacks are only 2% of the population of England. England has a phenomenon known as “yobs” which is a violent, white underclass created by the welfare state. America has no similar phenomenon. In America, the welfare / entitlement violence we are seeing is exclusively black. The last two summers have seen many of these black flash mob attacks in many American cities. The media of course does not want to report them because it goes against their pro-welfare and pro-“diversity” agendas. Our media is worse than Pravda.

    In short, the welfare states of the West are starting to come unraveled; Greece, England and America also. We are witnessing the 2nd fall of Rome.

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