Don’t Let It Go…Unheard #23

Debt-Ceiling Negotiations, Alleged Influence of Anti-Jihad Ideology on Anders Breivik, Pro-Sharia Rally in Egypt, and more.

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2 responses to “Don’t Let It Go…Unheard #23

  1. I want to make it crystal clear that what I said on this week’s podcast about Anders Brevik was simply my own speculation. This is what I said: “I wouldn’t be shocked let’s say if we found out one day, somehow, someway, that he could be the ultimate stealth jihadist whose mission was to basically go down as a martyr to get the anti-jihad movement again smeared to the point where they might even be able to come back. I know it’s far-fetched…” Whatever you think about that speculation, Brevik’s open admission that he was willing to work with jihadists in his cause, which allegedly was to get Islam out of Europe, makes me raise my eyebrow. Also, the fact that he targeted and murdered non-Muslims. If he was as anti-Muslim as he’s been out to be, why didn’t he go into a mosque and instead kill as many Muslims as he could? His act, on its own, could easily have been the act of a jihadist in that the victims were exclusively non-Muslim. I don’t put anything past this enemy, and if his purpose was to put a big dent in the credibility of even the most respected individuals in the anti-jihadist movement, then mission accomplished. In other words, his actions did nothing to move his claimed mission forward. Nothing. But there is no evidence to back up my speculation, so I leave it at that.

  2. M.Stern


    Brevik was a race conscious conservative. His main concern was that Europe is losing its white majority culture and is being displaced by non-white Muslims and North Africans. And with this, he was right. He was not really Christian in faith, he was a Darwinian materialist, but he believed that Christianity was necessary to unite European monoculture; he was a cultural Christian. He didn’t target Muslims because they are not the primary reason for Europe’s Islamization; LEFTISTS are. And that is who he targeted. He killed a group of pro-Palestinian, anti-Isreal Leftists. They were also associated with Fatah and they were preparing for an anti-Israel demonstration. Google this camp up and see the Leftist cesspool that it was.

    No, they did not deserve to die. That’s not my point. My point is that Brevik targeted European Leftists for the destruction they are visiting upon Europe. He was being consistent. We don’t need to posit some conspiracy theory type scenario that Brevik was really an agent of Jihadists. He was a European cultural Christian Conservative who had a murderous hatred of the Left for Islamisizing the European continent and destroying its native culture.

    I am sympathetic with his anti-Islam views but disdainful of his murderous actions. But nevertheless Brevik was not a Jihadist. He was a race-conscious conservative. There are many of them in Europe. And as America ceases to be a white majority country and as black flash mob violence continues unabated in cities across the country, and as the welfare/regulatory state continues to make life a living hell for American’s of European descent trying to live a decent live away from black, Hispanic and Muslim violence, I fully expect there to be a growing race-conscious movement in America. You can only push a people so far before they rebel.

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