Peas are Legumes, Mr. President

Today President Obama gave a press conference, to apply public pressure to Congress (particularly the GOP), so that they will pass a bill providing for both a debt-limit increase and a tax increase.

We should have neither, we don’t need either, and anyone with half a brain knows it by now.

So why is he still pushing for this?

Apparently because he wants to see Americans (including politicians) “eat their peas” — i.e., sacrifice.

In his mind, sacrificing means something along the lines of, “doing things we may not like now, because we know that they will be good for us in the long term.” Much like, well, eating peas.

He wants Americans in general to sacrifice by being subjected to tax increases and, because he knows that the Republicans are opposed to tax increases — some Republicans are actually opposed to them on principle — he wants them to give up their “sacred cow.”

Well, sacrifice is the right word for him to use in this context. Because it would be a true sacrifice — and by this I mean the relinquishment of a higher value for something of lesser or no value — for Americans to pay more taxes, and for the United States to raise its debt limit, when what we really need is for politicians to spend less, and start to phase out the entitlement programs.

Perhaps it’s no accident that Obama used the “eat our peas” metaphor. Peas aren’t good for us, either.


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13 responses to “Peas are Legumes, Mr. President

  1. Proxywar

    The very rich love tax increases. Read THE BIG RIPOFF. It’s all documented in there.

  2. apPEASer in chief

    peas of….


  3. Edmund Bonczyk II, $

    Dr. Amy it is a pleasure to read your hard-hitting emails. Truly, they remind me of our beloved Dr. Rand’s newsletters. And, as importantly, I concur. Mr. Obama has used the concept of sacrifice before. I would advice everyone to stay away from him and all who think that that form of politics is appropriate. I am sure he intends to be the collector of such sacrifices. Reno Tea Party has a function on the 16th of this month and I hope to do some ARC flyer outreach to them. This President must be unseated in 2012. –Best Premises, EBII .

    • Thanks, Edmund, I’m glad you enjoy the posts. I like to think that what I lack in writing skill (especially in informal blog posts), I make up for in spirit 🙂 I still have quite a bit to learn from Miss Rand…

    • Deborah

      “Obama has used the concept of sacrifice before…” Boy, have you got that right, Edmund! I don’t know if there is a way to find the correct tally, but I would be willing to wager that Chairman O has used the word “sacrifice” over 1000 times since taking office in January ’09. Meanwhile, he and his family are living large on our dime. Subsidizing (via my tax dollars) the lavish enjoyment of the people who are doing just about everything that they can to destroy my country and usurp what is left of my liberty – yes, I would call that a sacrifice.

  4. “The man who speaks to you of sacrifice is speaking of slaves and masters, and intends to be the master.” – Ayn Rand

  5. Sorry, one more:

    Pea-eater in chief always ready to apPease the religion of peas.

  6. Deborah

    All he is saying, is give peas a chance.

    (I can’t take credit for that – heard Rush Limbaugh say it. Still seemed worth sharing 🙂 )

    • Limbaugh (or his researchers) must have been reading from this hashtag topic in Twitter last night: #ReplaceAWordInAFamousQuoteWithPeas

      That was fun, and a good way to blow off some steam. This President is unbelievably horrible. And just when you think you’ve recovered from the last truly awful thing he did, he throws something else at you. (Today it’s selling weapons to Egypt.)

  7. HarryM

    Curious about your remark:

    “We should have neither [debt limit increase & tax increase], we don’t need either, and anyone with half a brain knows it by now”

    Unless you mean to say that defaulting on US obligations is an option, we certainly need to borrow more.

    • No, we could make spending cuts so that there is enough money to pay off the debt, etc., with current revenues. But no political leaders seem to take that option seriously. Obama suggested the first thing he’d do is refuse to send out the Social Security checks on Aug. 3. Also not necessary. See the end of this post on the Volokh Conspiracy, about how the President is supposed to prioritize the expenditure of receipts to make sure we don’t default.

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