Video of Netanyahu’s Remarks In Full

Because the edited video reports that I’ve seen leave out much that is important, I am posting this video of Netanyahu’s remarks at today’s press conference with President Obama:

In particular, one report I saw carefully edited out the part about Israel being only 9 miles wide at one point, in its pre-1967 boundaries. That, of course, made it indefensible, and I think people understand this much better if they actually hear that it was only 9 miles wide. Was the editorial choice an accident?

Also important was Netanyahu’s refusal to deal with Hamas in any way, as well as his pointing out the fact that there were roughly equal numbers of Jewish refugees in 1948, but that, while a small state of Israel has accommodated the jewish refugees, none of the Arab countries has agreed to accommodate the “Palestinians.”

The only thing of significance in Netanyahu’s remarks that I didn’t like was his statement that Israel is willing to make substantial compromises for peace. I don’t see why Israel should be giving up anything. What does Israel have to gain except that her enemies cease in their attempts to destroy her?

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One response to “Video of Netanyahu’s Remarks In Full

  1. Robert Cons

    Any land that Israel won by retailating with force against those that have initiated force against her should be annexed as part of Israel. Israel has been attacked by enemies and Israel has earned the right to the land she won in fighting for her very life. There can be no question of any compromise. For Israel to compromise that which she as won would be admitting that she was wrong in fighting for her very life. Can one compromise one’s life with a murderer?

    There should be no Palestinian state at the expense of Israel in any way. If anyone wants to live in Israel then they must be willing to live, work and abide peaceably by the laws of Israel. If not, then they must go elsewhere.

    The terrorist organization Hamas has shown repeatedly that they have initiated force against Israel and should be completely wiped out as soon as possible.

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