“City Limits” Time Lapse Video

If you haven’t already seen it, here’s Dominic Boudreault’s “City Limits” timelapse video (you can also watch it on his web site):

Timelapse – The City Limits from Dominic on Vimeo.

The music (I believe it’s called, appropriately enough, “Time”) comes from the movie, “Inception,” and, at least to me, is quite haunting. It occurred to me after watching this video that the track might be good background music for the run of the John Galt line in “Atlas Shrugged,” but then I thought it might be a spoiler of sorts.

What do you think?


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6 responses to ““City Limits” Time Lapse Video

  1. Mike Mann

    If the sequence was reversed it would have been enjoyable to watch. I didn’t find it haunting. My thoughts were more, “ok, neat photography, big deal”

    • It may indeed be the music, and in particular the fact that I first heard the music in the context of the movie, “Inception,” that gives it this quality for me.

  2. Edmund Bonczyk II, $

    Yes, haunting is a very good description for that music.
    Yet, I wish to think of something that has a driving, passionate rhythm for the background music of “Atlas Shrugged”‘s John Galt line – immediately, I thought of Rachmaninoff’s Symphonic Dances [maybe Ravel’s Bolero or Brahm’s Academic Overture]. [Possibly, something from Isaac Ibeniz’s bravura guitar compositions.] The possibilities for that great novel seem happily endless. A Romantic novel deserves [necessitates] the integration of other Romantic art and artists. It’s film direction should and ought to be from a master-director like Fritz Lang or Jo May- [a Spielberg of “Schindler’s List”].

  3. Beautiful video! A wonderful testament to the rational minds that have brought us electricity, architecture, transportation, and advanced civilization.
    The the wooden shipwreck shows what happens without rational minds. And the lone cabin in the woods with its warm lights shining reminded me of John Galt’s home.

    • I watched one video of the photographer being interviewed on the Today show. All he said was that he loved both the cities and nature, and wondered why that was. So I ‘m not sure if even he knows what his explicit philosophy is. Still, it’s easy to see this video as an illustration of powerful themes familiar to Objectivists. For example, he called it “City Limits.” I think the theme of Atlas Shrugged could easily be read into that title, in conjunction with observations like the one you made about the shipwreck, along with my sense of the haunting quality of the music.

  4. Loved that song and its usage at the end of “Inception.” And this video somehow matches the epic-ness of the song. The stuff on the ground moving really quickly and intensely, contrasted with the slow, methodical movement of the sky and the clouds works well dramatically speaking. And the pinpoint detail in the buildings, windows, lights, tiny movement on the ground like the traffic and flags, etc., all build up to these grand, exciting images without seeming simple or phony.

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