Maybe not so disappointed after all…

This update to my previous post about Simon LeBon’s unfortunate recent Tweeting choices deserves its own post. It seems LeBon has this evening — after my podcast, so take note (i.e., what I said in my podcast was before I knew of this) — retweeted the following, sent to him a short time ago by Amy Nasir:

Amy Nasir
@SimonJCLeBON For a rational view of middle-east issues see Ayaan Hirsi Ali at
1 hour ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

And then he also thanked Amy in a separate tweet, and then followed it up with another tweet:

SimonJCLeBON Simon Le Bon
Some fine common sense can be found here: @AHAFoundation
1 hour ago Favorite Retweet Reply

So, now I’m not exactly sure what to make of it all. Thoughts? I, of course, tweeted him thanking him for posting about Ayaan Hirsi Ali, but I’m not reading very much into it.

In any event, thanks to Amy Nasir for sending a great tweet at what seems to have been the perfect time.


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3 responses to “Maybe not so disappointed after all…

  1. Amy Nasir

    I’m so glad that worked out, even though without much explanation. I hope that he will look further into what Ayaan Hirsi Ali has to say about Israel, what is wrong with the Palestinians and Islam in general, and compare the ideas of Jnoubiyeh with Ali.

    I’d wager a guess that he is no supporter of Islam, in the sense that he is an atheist. But we can hope that he’ll renew his interest in the subject matter and ask the right questions. For a westernized country constantly (and unpredictably) under siege from rockets and suicide bombers, Israel should not only be left alone, but commended for standing their ground.

    Of course, I almost dropped dead getting a “thx for that” Tweet from THE Simon Le Bon. I mean, I don’t have the words to express!!!! 😀

    Oh, here is a review of “The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas,” mentioning Le Bon:

    I do give him tons of credit for coming out as an atheist. It’s a good start. 🙂

    • Agreed, much better than the wishy-washy “Agnostic.” BTW, are you a fan of the song, “None of the Above”?

      • Amy Nasir

        Wow. I haven’t heard it before. Thanks!

        I now picture Simon Le Bon sitting on a stern of yacht with his white and blue 80s suit, with The Four Horsemen sitting behind him.

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