There I was, praising Duran Duran for their savvy use of social media, including Twitter, and what did I come across last night in my Twitter feed? This:

Jnoubiyeh #Palestine: Biggest Escalation of Violence In Illegally Besieged #Gaza Since Operation Cast Lead. (By @AmoonaE) http://bit.ly/fuSHYQ
about 11 hours ago via web
Retweeted by SimonJCLeBON and 19 others

Not sure whether LeBon is a conscious supporter of Hamas, or just easily taken in by their propaganda, but either way I am disappointed. All one needs to do is pay a brief visit to Robert Spencer’s JihadWatch to get the real scoop. How much intellect does it take to recognize that, while Israeli bombs, fired in retaliation, may result in civilian deaths as collateral damage, it takes a Palestinian terrorist to break into a family’s home in the middle of the night and deliberately murder them in cold blood? And what sort of people would pass out candy in celebration of such a brutal attack?

UPDATE: It’s worse than I thought. LeBon tweeted this Saturday evening, Mar. 26:

For an independent view on what’s happening in Libya, Syria and the middle East follow @Jnoubiyeh
53 minutes ago via web

Only 2 fans (I was one) replied questioning him on this. Two or three others just went ahead and followed.


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8 responses to “Disappointed

  1. M. Stern

    What is it with celebrities and their support of the “Palestinians”? Further, why is the Left so obsessed with hating Israel (even Leftist Jews)? Is this all a manifestation of altruism? Under altruism the strong must sacrifice to the weak and the productive must sacrifice to the parasites. Is it that simple? LeBon is probably an altruist and of the Leftist variety. If he wasn’t, I imagine it would be near impossible to survive in the entertainment industry all these years?

  2. Gilad R

    Well, another one falls for the emotional propaganda.
    I blame the education systems that don’t teach the scientific method in elementary school to let kids seperate fiction from facts.
    Lets just hope their facebook page won’t turn into a Jihad propaganda site like Elvis Costello and Macy Gray did, with all the pictures of dead children the Jihadists take from the site “rotten” (without knowing where the picture was actually taken) and repost them a million times.

    At least sometimes the art is good no matter how the artists is a racist or an idiot. I still listen to Wagner and read Lovecraft sometime.

  3. I noticed it was a re-tweet by him. Hopefully it was just to get a conversation going, although I doubt it. I have re-tweeted things ironically in the past, maybe he did too. (keeping fingers crossed [metaphorically])

  4. Edmund B.

    Not only is Lebon an English idiot so is his fellow rock musician, Roger Waters. They could both be poster children for “Anti-Semitism”.

    • The odd thing is that, if you look at LeBon’s Wikipedia, it says he spent some time living on an Israeli kibbutz, perhaps during his late teens? I think I recall him saying that in an interview decades ago, when I was too young to care much about politics. (Thankfully the schools I went to didn’t have us do “Model United Nations” and such. Today’s kids get everything thrown at them way too early.)

      I don’t recall any members of the band being particularly outspoken about politics in the early years, which is of course the wisest approach if your goal is to be “the best pop band in the world.” So, this is the downside to having the band members be active on Twitter. They might tweet (or retweet) something politically offensive, as LeBon did. Here’s hoping he’s not the next John Galliano and just retweeted that because he thought the girl was cute and calls herself a “human rights activist.” But as I said, regardless, it’s disappointing.

      Edmund, are you aware of any other evidence, besides the fact that he retweeted this, that LeBon is anti-semitic? I haven’t seen anything, and in the brief search I did, I ran across this fitting piece from Debbie Schlussel: http://www.debbieschlussel.com/73/rock-stars-shut-up/ That pretty much sums it up for me right now.

      Oh, BTW, I doubt classical musicians would be much better in terms of politics.

  5. Don Kenner

    Roger Waters has a credible accusation of anti-Semitism against him. During a recent “Wall” concert (that album is like a rash that never goes away!) he changed his background film to show the bombs being dropped as changing into Stars of David. POS.

    I don’t know about LeBon. He may just be a celeb who lets certain websites and groups do his thinking for him.

    I love this blog, BTW!

    • Thanks, Don! I hadn’t known that about Roger Waters before, but his stuff is so dark I can’t say I’m surprised. I looked at the list of people LeBon follows, and this woman is fairly high up on the list, which I think means he started following her recently. So maybe he’s somewhat ignorant? But you’ve gotta think he took a look at her timeline, and perhaps her blog, before sending out a general recommendation to follow her. At the very least irresponsible. At worst, reprehensible.

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