Don’t Let It Go…Unheard #4 available for download; sign up to attend #5 live

Topics discussed: The earthquake and tsunami in Japan and how technology has affected our experience of it and Japan’s ability to recover from it; what to make of conflicting reports about the danger posed by nuclear reactors in Japan; the so-called economic benefit of these natural disasters; the CAIR-sponsored video, “Hate Comes to Orange County” and the story behind it; Charlie Sheen.

If you were unable to attend live and would like to hear this week’s webcast/podcast, click here.

Thanks to all who participated live. Use the comments portion of this post to leave comments on this week’s webcast, and to suggest topics for next week.

If you would like to sign up to attend next week’s webcast live (which includes the ability to participate via written questions/comments, plus via audio if you have a USB headset with microphone), click here.


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5 responses to “Don’t Let It Go…Unheard #4 available for download; sign up to attend #5 live

  1. Can one subscribe through itunes?

  2. Hi Shane,

    That’s my next technological hurdle. (As you may be able to tell, this show is completely self-produced and I’m figuring things out as I go.) As I understand it, I need to learn how to attach some sort of meta-data to my mp3 file in order to do iTunes right. I’ll spend some more time looking into it ASAP.

  3. Sounds good. I’ll watch for it.

  4. I don’t have a lot to comment on for #4, but I do hope the Japanese make it through the tragedy OK. And this time it is a tragedy, not a man-made disaster (hate it when the attacks of 911 are referred to as a “tragedy”!). Technology has made it possible for us to get information instantly and it was interesting to watch to some degree. But I’m not really a disaster hound, so I didn’t watch much of it. Likewise with Charley Sheen — couldn’t care less and he is not on my radar when it comes to things to pay attention to — it just doesn’t register.

    As to CAIR, yes I think they are trying to whitewash Islam in an effort to get entrenched in the USA and the west — in an effort to import Sharia Law as if it will blend in with western values and not be a violation of individual rights. I’m glad you referred to some of the protesters of that meeting as harassment. Been wanting to get that clarified as to what harassment actually consists of. Can you give a legal definition of harassment? I think it is harassment if one writes a blog, say, or posts something onto the internet, and they come to your home to yell at you through your walls because they are against what you are saying. You seem to think that going up to people waiting in line to attend a gathering are being harassed if they are yelled at by others not attending the meeting. Anyhow, I’d like some clarification on this — especial in light of your article on privacy that I read a long time ago. Thanks!

    • I think I need to clarify my position regarding Islam and the attempts to spread it in the United States and the West. I think Islam is an evil philosophy, primarily because it is against rationality and pride as virtues. Any religion is against rationality and “Islam” means “submission” which is obviously against pride. I’m also against Islam insofar as it preaches violence and death to those who do not give in to Islam, or those who turn away from it. This is evil on many fronts. Nonetheless, so long as they are only preaching this evil and not acting on it, I think they have to be free to promote it. In other words, so long as they are not preaching violence towards anyone in particular, that hatred speech is protected speech. Likewise for things like cliterodectimies and other barbaric practices, so long as they don’t actually do it, they are free to preach it. I have the same thoughts on the Jewish and Christian religions regarding circumcision. One is free to preach Islam and to promote it, but insofar as actually committing violence to others or harm to a child, this should be forbidden.

      This is one reason they are against Western values — the West would put prohibitions on their practicing of Islam, as it should. But ideas can only be fought with better ideas, and harassing them about their ideas is not the proper way of handling the situation. And as we can see, these harassments can be used by CAIR and other Islamic groups to their advantage, they can claim that their free speech rights are being violated. They actually aren’t being violated, since the government or any particular group did not prevent their meeting, but as propaganda, it can be effective.

      Of course, insofar as certain Islamic groups might be promoting actual violence or inciting riots, this needs to be stopped as well.

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