Don’t Let It Go…Unheard #2 mp3 available

Thanks to all who attended and participated in my second webcast. For those who were unable to make it, you can listen to (and perhaps download) an mp3 file here: Don’t Let It Go…Unheard #2

Feel free to use this thread for comments on the show as well. If you would like to register to attend next week’s session live, click here. In a few days I will post a thread for that show, which you can use to suggest topics or news stories.


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7 responses to “Don’t Let It Go…Unheard #2 mp3 available

  1. Downloaded the file for my pleasure.

    Is there a downloadable mp3 for the first podcast, or will it just be the subject of legends?

  2. Legends…which means we can all imagine it to be something other than the technical disaster that it was, at least for the first 10 min. or so 🙂

  3. I don’t know if these links are of any help. I couldn’t yet find any concrete data on Libya’s (potential) voting predilections.

    Click to access Muslimpopulation.pdf

  4. Richard S.

    Hey Amy. Your podcast alerted me to the existence of Herman Cain. I’m not sure how much you’ve checked up on him but I watched some of his interviews and speeches on his site.

    In the second video on his site (his CPAC speech) I got a sense for how he rolls. I had low expectations but I’d say my impression of him so far is 80% positive. The highlights were things like business experience, endorsement of a gold standard and the fair tax, and “stimulating” via tax cuts. He also refers to America as a “democratic-republic” which is far better and more accurate than a woozy support for “democracy”.

    The predictable lowlights are his religiousness. At about the 25 minute mark in his CPAC speech he discusses how its wrong to remove references to God from currency and pledges etc. This is troubling but sadly far better than the lunacy of Palin and even Ron Paul.

    So who knows, he may have some potential. He’s on my radar now.

    • Thanks, Richard. I was thinking of listening to some of his radio show, but when I went to the web site, he had a statement there that he had to end the show because he was “prayerfully consider[ing] a run for the White House.” Prayerfully??

      We’ll have to wait and see more from him.

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