Don’t Let it Go…Unheard

Just a quick post to let readers of this blog know that plans for a weekly podcast/webcast are in the works. Political and legal current events will be the focus, and I plan to have participation via live IM chat, as Diana Hsieh does on her Rationally Selfish webcast. (I will have a co-host who will be helping me read the chat comments.) Planned timeframe is 5:00 – 6:00 pm on the “Left” coast. More details to follow, but if all goes as planned, the first will be one week from today, so mark it on your calendars!


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3 responses to “Don’t Let it Go…Unheard

  1. Amy,

    I look forward to your podcast! It would be great if you could be a guest on my podcast show at some point in time. I have had done nine episodes on Blog Talk Radio.

  2. Amy,

    I like Blog Talk Radio. I recently signed up for the premium service (including podcast stats, promotion of your show through the network, etc.).

    Yes, you could take callers. I had one person calling in during my interview with Becky McCray.

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