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Yaron and Amy: “Can a Great America Ignore Hong Kong?” TODAY at 8 p.m. ET (5 p.m. PT)

Protesters in Hong Kong are demanding respect for basic rights on which America was founded, in opposition to a government that our President has criticized numerous times, and yet he calls the protests “riots,” in seeming sympathy with Xi. Is he just vying for a trade deal, and so ready to throw those who are American-in-spirit, under the bus?

See Program Notes, below, for all the stories, etc., I plan to discuss with Yaron.

The show will be broadcast live via streaming video on Yaron’s YouTube Channel as well as on his show’s Facebook page here.

The World Turns, America Sleeps

Trump Calls Hong Kong Protests ‘Riots,’ Adopting China Rhetoric

Video shows Hong Kong protesters using lasers to disrupt government facial-recognition cameras

Why Cathay Pacific changed its tune on Hong Kong protests

U.S. to Delay Some China Tariffs Until Stores Stock Up for Holiday Shoppers

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The Arizona Constitution’s “Private Affairs” Clause, an interview with Timothy Sandefur

Honored to have interviewed Timothy Sandefur, Vice President for Litigation at the Goldwater Institute, yesterday. The topic was the Arizona Constitution’s “Private Affairs” clause, and what it means for the legal protection of privacy in AZ (and maybe elsewhere). Check it out here (also available as a podcast on iTunes and BlogTalk):

Read Sandefur’s blog post, which inspired the interview, and click through to his recently published law review article on this topic here.

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None of the Above #2 (Solo show): “A Hotel Panopticon News Sandwich” TODAY at 3 p.m. ET (12 p.m. PT)

Between Jim having a relapse this morning, and a vet visit for my old girl, Boo, circumstances are conspiring against me doing a show. But I’ll do a solo show today, “News Sandwich” format, at 3 p.m. ET (12 p.m. PT).

What is a “News Sandwich”? And what do I mean by “Hotel Panopticon”? Tune in to find out! 😇

Here’s the link to use: 

Legalize Privacy

Feel better soon, Jim! 🤗

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